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How To Buy New Balance Disney Running Shoes in 2016

How To Buy New Balance runDisney Shoes in 2016

2016 New Balance runDisney Collection (New Balance)

Looking for the 2017 New Balance runDisney Collection? Look here: How To Buy 2017 New Balance Disney Running Shoes

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2016 New Balance Disney Running Shoes Revealed

They’re finally here! New Balance announced the 2016 line of New Balance Disney running shoes, which will debut at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna from January 6-10, 2016.

After releasing a single teaser photo of a feather, a yellow bow, and seashell necklace via Twitter and Instagram, New Balance has revealed the 2016 Limited Edition New Balance runDisney Collection feature Dumbo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel.

The Dumbo and Ariel Vazee Pace are $124.95, while the Red Carpet Minnie and Mickey 860v6s are $139.95. And they didn’t forget the kids. Dumbo and Ariel 860v6 shoes are $79.95.

Read on to find out how, when, and where to buy them, along with pics of each shoe.

Ariel Vazee Pace, $124.95

How To Buy New Balance runDisney Shoes in 2016

Ariel Vazee Pace (New Balance)

The New Balance Vazee Pace shoes are a lightweight neutral trainer, available in women’s sizes 5 to 12.

New Balance Ariel runDisney Shoes First Look

Ariel in person (

The Ariel-inspired kicks are shades of sea foam green with purple and red accents. The Ariel shoes come with purple shell clip-ons and a picture of Ariel on the heel.

New Balance Ariel runDisney Shoes First Look

Ariel (

Check out New Balance Ariel runDisney Shoes First Look for a close-up view of the Ariel Vazee Pace.

Dumbo Vazee Pace, $124.95

How To Buy New Balance Disney Running Shoes in 2016

Dumbo Vazee Pace (New Balance)

The Dumbo shoes are also the neutral, lightweight New Balance Vazee Pace available in men’s sizes 7 to 14.

New Balance Ariel runDisney Shoes First Look

Dumbo (

The homage to Dumbo are gray with yellow and peach accents, with a picture of Dumbo himself on the heel. They also come with Timothy Q. Mouse clip-ons.

How To Buy New Balance Disney Running Shoes in 2016

Dumbo Vazee Pace (New Balance)

Red Carpet Minnie 860v6, $139.95

How To Buy New Balance Disney Running Shoes in 2016

Red Carpet Minnie (New Balance)

Each year New Balance releases a pair of shoes styled after a different Mickey and Minnie persona. In 2103, we saw classic Minnie in her red dress. 2014 brought us Pink Polka Dot Minnie, and 2015 was Retro Minnie, harkening back to her black-and-white years. For 2016, we have Red Carpet Minnie Mouse in her yellow evening gown.

How To Buy New Balance runDisney Shoes in 2016

Minnie front and back (New Balance)

The Red Carpet Minnie shoes are 860v6s, a New Balance stability shoe in women’s sizes 5 to 12. They also come with clip-on bows.

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01 2016

Race Report: Runner’s World Half & Festival

Race Report: Runner's World Half & Festival

Larisa & Karla cheer, Mark & Kristin run (

When Runner’s World puts on an event in their hometown, they do it right.  Runner’s World Half & Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is basically fantasy camp for runners. All participants—not just bloggers—at the weekend’s events had the opportunity to meet Deena Kastor, Bart Yasso, and the entire Runner’s World team. Seminars, running clinics, kids races, a dog run, pasta party, and other events filled our days and nights with all things running.

Runner’s World brought me out to the race as their guest, along with a cadre of other bloggers. My quest? Run four races in three days for a total of 26.2 miles.

I was only half successful, thanks to plantar fasciitis. Despite that, I had a ton of fun.

I’ve already recapped the Altra Trail 3.8-mile Trail Race and Runner’s World 5K & 10K. Now on the menu is the Runner’s World Half & Festival!

Race Report: Runner's World Half & Festival

Post-race band! (

Runner’s World Half Marathon

Thanks to shooting pain in my heel—which turned out to be plantar fasciitis and the beginning of a heel spur—I opted not to run the Runner’s World Half Marathon. Instead, I headed out to cheer near Mile 11 of the course with two other injured bloggers—my roomie for the weekend, Jess at (who’d sprained her ankle at the Altra Trail Run), and Larisa at, who’d hurt her calf and pulled out of the race.

Race Report: Runner's World Half & Festival

Along the course (

We had a blast. We clapped, we yelled, we cheered, we laughed, and had a great time. We spotted most of the other bloggers Runner’s World had brought out for the event.

Then Jess hobbled back to the hotel on her swollen ankle, and Larisa and I walked to the finish so we could cheer in Kristin at, who was walking the whole race after recovering from a broken ankle.

Working as a race announcer, I love to cheer runners on. But I’m usually at the start or finish (or both) of a race or running myself. I’m rarely on the sidelines along the course.

So I surprised by how many runners thanked us for cheering as they went by, or gave us a thumbs up, or nod, or smile, or came in for a high five, something other form of acknowledgement.

It’s funny. Because I’m the kind of runner who will often nod or smile or fist pump or some such as a way of thanking spectators as I go by. So I don’t know why I was so surprised when other runners thanked me! I guess it was just fun to be on the other side of the fence. Loved paying it forward!

Race Report: Runner's World Half & Festival

Cheering with Larisa (

Runner’s World Festival

The days leading up to the half-marathon constituted the “festival,” which was jam-packed with activities. Here are my highlights from the weekend:

Deena Kastor

What would Deena do? It’s become my new running mantra after hearing Deena Kastor speak at the Runner’s World Half & Festival.

Race Report: Runner's World Half & Festival

Deena Kastor! (

Deena shared lunch with the bloggers and gave an open seminar at the expo. At each, she shared some of the ways she uses positive thinking to pull through in races. Running is as much a mental sport as a physical one. I believe it and research bears it out. (I wrote about it for And the best runners use every (legal) trick in the books—physical and mental—to be tough on race day.

What stuck with me? Before a race Deena said she thinks of three reasons why she will succeed and commits them to memory. When she needs to did deep or is struggling in an event, she recalls those things to keep her going. I love that. Going to try it myself this weekend at the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon. And in a moment of doubt, I’ll ask myself: What would Deena do? Read the rest of this entry →


11 2015

Race Report: Runner’s World 5K at Heartbreak Hill Half

Race Report: Runner's World 5K at Heartbreak Hill Half

The Runner’s World 5K. (Photo: Grace Donnelly)

The Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival from June 5-8, 2014 in Newton and Boston, Massachusetts was a genuine celebration of running. I attended the race courtesy of Runner’s World as part of their official blogger crew. (They covered my race entries, dorm room and some meals. I covered my transportation to and from Boston and other meals.)

Race Report: Runner's World 5K at Heartbreak Hill Half

Running the 5K. (Photo: @myEPevents, Inc)

Roughly 6,700 finishers from 47 U.S. states ran in the 5K, 10K, half-marathon, kids’ run and dog run. Exactly 3,074 runners finished the half-marathon; 1,838 completed the 10K; 1,565 crossed the line in the 5K, and 69 doggies finished the Eukanuba Dog Run.

Something about the weekend made it feel like running camp. Maybe it was because I was staying on Boston College’s campus in a dorm. Maybe it was the programming, including seminars, movies, meet and greets with runners like Shalane Flanagan and Sarah Reinertsen, an expo and pasta party. Maybe it was the five races and two race challenges that started and finished on campus.

Whatever it was, it added up to a weekend where I lived, ate and breathed running—in a good way.

Boston College has that leafy New England campus vibe that makes you want to sprawl across a green lawn and sing folk songs in a circle. It reminded me of my undergrad experience attending Amherst College in Massachusetts, just a 90 minute drive due west.

Race Report: Runner's World 5K at Heartbreak Hill Half

Runners tackle the race. (Photo: Grace Donnelly)

One evening, a group of us bloggers sat on the grass whiling an hour away. We spotted Bart Yasso walking to the dorm and waved him over. He sat with us and chatted a while. The whole weekend had that kind of feel—friendly and relaxed. Everywhere you looked, there was someone running, about to run, just finished running or talking about running.

There’s too much for me to cover in one post, so I’ll share all my doings at the race over the next few weeks, including: Runner’s World 5K, Eukanuba Dog Run, Heartbreak Hill Half, Q&A with Shalane Flanagan, Sarah Reinertsen, tips on building a running blog from the seminar I was a part of, and more. I’ll start with the 5K. Read the rest of this entry →


06 2014

‘How to Build a Running Brand’ at Heartbreak Hill Half

How To Build Your Running Brand at Heartbreak Hill Half

Run, Karla, Running in New England on May 11, 2014. (Photo:

Want to learn how to build your running brand? Join me at the inaugural Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival at Boston College in Newton, Mass., from June 6-8. I’ll be on a panel discussing that very topic, along with Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete and Katy Widrick of Healthy Living in a Hectic World. Runner’s World Editor at Large Mark Remy of Remy’s World fame will be our esteemed moderator. If you’ve ever wondered how to take your running blog to the next level, this is a seminar you don’t want to miss.

How to Build a Running Brand Seminar at Heartbreak Hill Half

Shalane Flanagan at 2014 Boston Marathon. (Photo: Thomas Cole, tfxc/Flickr)

We’re just one of the dozen seminars that cover race strategy, gear, training, fuel, masters running, women’s running and dog running. Yup, you can even learn how to train with your pup. For the inaugural event, Runner’s World is bringing out the big guns. Shalane Flanagan, Bart Yasso, Paralympian Sarah Reinertsen, race director Dave McGillivray and, of course, the Runner’s World editorial team will be on hand to chew these topics at the Runner’s World Health and Fitness Expo. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2014

New Balance, Disney Launch runDisney Shoes

Disney running, runDisney, New Balance, runDisney shoes

The New Balance women’s runDisney shoe, inspired by Minnie Mouse. (Photo: runDisney)

UPDATE 1/2/13: Check out the 2014 New Balance runDisney shoes including Cinderella, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse models

Co-branding shoes might be the hottest emerging trend in running apparel. In the past year alone, Nike launched USA Track & Field co-branded Air Pegasus+ 29 as the official shoe of the U.S. Olympic Trials, and K-Swiss released Stand Up to Cancer co-branded Kwicky Blade-Light shoes as part of their charitable alliance. Now New Balance and Disney are getting in on the act.

New Balance runDisney Shoes

New Balance and runDisney, Disney’s sports branch that organizes running races at Disney parks in Florida and California, released today limited edition runDisney 860v3 running shoes that evoke Disney’s most iconic characters—Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Minnie’s classic red and white polka dot dress inspired the design for the women’s shoe and Mickey’s black tuxedo look inspired the men’s shoe.

I had a chance to chat with New Balance’s marketing manager, Josh Rowe, before the Walt Disney World Marathon Heath & Fitness Expo this morning and see the new Disney shoes in person. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2013

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