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Race Report: Trot Off Your Turkey 5K 2015 Turkey Trot

Race Report: Trot Off Your Turkey 5K 2015 Turkey Trot

We won! (

The Trot Off Your Turkey 5K and 1.5-Miler on Saturday, November 28 was my third year running the event in Barrington, RI. It’s a fantastic local turkey trot with 552 runners in the 5K and 263 in the 1.5-mile run/walk.

I love everything about this race, from the gloriously flat course and bountiful post-race spread to the warm, community vibe.

Best of all, the course is actually USATF certified, a rarity in small-town 5K running. So I know I can count on these times. I’ve got three other “5K” times in my Athlinks profile that were on non-certified courses both short and long, which I don’t count in my PR logs.

Race Report: Trot Off Your Turkey 5K 2015 Turkey Trot

The race raised money for St. Luke’s School. (Photo:

The turkey trot is a fundraiser for St. Luke’s School, where the race is held. Bib pick-up and the raffle are inside the school gym.

The $20 entry fee is one of the best bangs for your buck out there. After the race, the gym transforms into a smorgasbord with Blount’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Butternut Squash Bisque, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza, Chips & Salsa from Tito’s Cantina, Bananas, Bagels, Water, and Gatorade. Runners also get a cotton tee.

An additional food drive and raffle raises money for TapIn, an all-volunteer, outreach program that provides food, clothing, household goods, transportation, and other services to Rhode Island in need. Raffle tickets are just $1 each, or six for $5. You can even pre-purchase raffle tickets online with your race registration, which is what I did, so you can leave your wallet at home.

My mom, husband, and I showed up ready to run in the warm, November mist. It was about 55 degrees with no wind—a rarity in Rhode Island!—and a light drizzle coming down. My mom was tackling the 1.5-miler, while Phil and I were running the 5K. I had no idea what my legs might have in them just six days after the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon.

I’m happy to report that Phil, my mom, and I won! Raffle prizes that is! For the third year in a row (what?!) someone in my family has taken home a prize. Phil also won 2nd in his age group!

But I also had a surprisingly fantastic race, turning in my second fastest 5K ever, just 20 seconds behind my PR. I honestly shocked myself.

Race Report: Trot Off Your Turkey 5K 2015 Turkey Trot

Ready to run! (

Karla’s Turkey Trot

My first time out of the gates at this turkey trot in 2013, I ran a 5K personal record of 24:46 that stands to this day.

Last year was the opposite. Riding high after a great race at the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon in 2014, I decided to chase my 5K PR. Instead, I crashed and burned. I ended up having to walk thanks to some hefty abdominal cramps, finishing in a slow-for-me 28:03.

I didn’t want a repeat of that performance.

Phil and I lined up for the start, chatting about how his watch had died and he was just going to have to run by feel.

We had no idea the race was about to start; the horn sounded, catching us both by surprise. I clicked my watch to start, but it was jammed on the “Can’t find GPS signal” screen. I tapped and tapped and tapped, but I couldn’t start the workout. Like Phil, I too would just have to run by feel. Read the rest of this entry →


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