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Diadora Relay Across Europe Runs To ‘Make It Bright’

Diadora Relay Across Europe Delivers A Pair Of Shoes

Yep, those are the Alps in the background.

This post is sponsored by Diadora. I thought it was a fun story and a great opportunity to share drool-worthy running pics from Southern Europe.

1482 km. 920 miles. 35 runners from 10 countries. Nine days. And one shoebox.

That’s what happened when Italian athletic and sportswear company Diadora decided to fulfill a shoe order in an unexpected way. The idea? Turn the routine into an epic adventure.

Diadora Relay Across Europe Delivers A Pair Of Shoes

I want to go to there!

One unknowing customer set-off a nine-day, 1500-km relay across Southern Europe when he pre-ordered a pair of Diadora’s new N9000 running shoes. Instead of boxing and shipping the shoes per usual, they delivered them on foot.

A team of 35 runners—and one dog!—from 10 different countries passed the shoebox like a baton from Diadora’s factory in Milan, Italy to the customer’s front door in Barcelona, Spain. Runners ranged in age from 19 to 56 years old. Among them were four couples, and one even flew in an airplane for the first time to participate in the relay.

Diadora Relay Across Europe Delivers A Pair Of Shoes

Team Diadora

A live tracker marked the shoes’ daily progress through Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain at Read the rest of this entry →


03 2016

Monday Music: Swedish Running Playlist

Swedish music, running playlistIf you’re like me, you crank the radio full blast and start fist pumping when you hear “I Love It” by Swedish music duo Icona Pop from their EP Iconic. It’s a great song for a running playlist, and probably the song I will forever associate with the summer of ’13.

But Icona Pop is just the latest in a string of Swedish imports since ABBA to storm American radio waves.

In honor of loving “I Love It,” the first installment of “Monday Music” is dedicated to artists from the land of Ikea.

Looking to keep your running playlist fresh? “Monday Music” is here to help. As the lead singer of an ‘80s cover band, I truly heart music. So every Monday, I share a song, album, artist or playlist that I love running to. This week: Swedish Running Playlist. Read the rest of this entry →


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