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Race Report: SHAPE Diva Dash Obstacle Run New York

Race Report: Shape Diva Dash New York

We’re ready to run! (Photo:

Greetings from Minnesota! I’m here to take on the SHAPE Diva Dash, a 5K obstacle run for women.

Race Report: Shape Diva Dash New York

Legs in! (Photo:

SHAPE and EAS Sports Nutrition brought me on as a hired gun to share training tips for the 2014 races in the April and May issues of SHAPE Magazine. I had so much fun at the 2013 SHAPE Diva Dash that it was easy to say yes. Now I’m running the Twin Cities edition of the race on Saturday, May 31.

Now that race day is finally here, I thought I’d share my race report from the SHAPE Diva Dash New York that I did with a group of my friends last October. We rocked it New York style.

The Race and Course

SHAPE Diva Dash is a 5K obstacle run for women that’s light on mud and heavy on fun. Run in 10 cities around the U.S., each course is different and includes 10-12 obstacles meant to test strength, balance and agility.

SHAPE Diva Dash 5K Obstacle Race

Team “I ♥ NY” is ready to rock! (Photo: Cindy Gordon)

Most obstacles have easier and harder options. And you can skip challenges that you simply don’t want to do. So it’s as difficult or as easy as you want it to be.

Terrain might include paved roads, grassy fields, dirt trails and more. And you never know what obstacles or terrain to expect until you’re faced with them on race day.

Runners can choose from a “competitive” wave, where the first 10 finishers receive prizes, or any of the “non-competitive” waves that follow every 15 minutes. None of the waves are timed.

You’ll see lots of women running together in team running costumes and snapping photos along the way. The vibe is definitely more fun than fierce.

Race Report: Shape Diva Dash New York

My girls. (Photo:

Team I ♥ NY

I rallied four of my friends to run with me in one of the non-competitive waves at the New York-New Jersey race in October 2013.

We donned neon I ♥ NY gear and giggled all the way. Among our ranks were a 4-hour marathoner, a reluctant 5K finisher and a range of runners in between. As our photos will attest, we had a blast.

It was the perfect antidote to a long and laborious marathon training season for me. The race was just two weeks before my big fall marathon, perfect timing for a taper fun run.

Race Report: Shape Diva Dash New York

Waiting for the race to start. (Photo: Cindy Gordon)

As we waited for our wave to start, a DJ blasted tunes and we were led through a light warm-up and stretch. Before long, our group was off.

We jogged easily and stayed together. Waits at most of the obstacles were no more than two or three people long. Often, we didn’t have to wait at all.

But rather than tell you about this race, I’ll show you. This is an event where the course can speak for itself. So here is Team I ♥ NY as we take on the SHAPE Diva Dash.

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