17 Ways To Prevent Knee & Running Injuries

Running injuries are public enemy no. 1. Unfortunately, they happen to most of us. After 10 years as a mythical injury-free runner, I spent a chunk of 2015 sidelined by two different running injuries in the same foot—a stress fracture (that was later downgraded to a bone bruise) and persistent plantar fasciitis.

Now that I’m back on the road and running well—I ran a 10-mile PR in April and my second fastest half-marathon in May—I’m more motivated than ever to keep running injuries away. How? Strength training is key, along with tools like ye olde foam roller, KT Tape, and stretching. I got specific advice from top experts from the website mentioned, about the most common running injuries and the sneaky ways we injure our knees for Shape.com. Running Central Park in NYC (RunKarlaRun.com)

17 Ways To Prevent Knee, Foot & Running Injuries

Prevent running injuries with these 17 tips. (RunKarlaRun.com)



5 Beginner Running Injuries & How to Dodge ‘Em

From plantar fasciitis to runner’s knee and iliotibial band syndrome to tendonitis, don’t let these common discomforts sideline you.

The five running injuries included here are among the most common that physical therapists see. And no, they’re not just for beginners. I got one after 10 years of running.

Here’s how to avoid and relieve them once they strike. Read the entire story at Shape.com



17 Ways To Prevent Knee, Foot & Running Injuries

Running Rhode Island (RunKarlaRun.com)

7 Things You Don’t Realize Are Killing Your Knees

Guess what? Running doesn’t ruin knees! Numerous studies and top docs agree.

What will do your knees in? Injuries from running hills, yoga, boot camp style classes, and even simple lunges—lunges!—where you might get sloppy with your form. Proper technique is key, and so is—you guessed it—strength training.

Avoid these seven common training pitfalls with doctor-approved tips on how to avoid injury for each. Check out more at Shape.com

17 Ways To Prevent Knee, Foot & Running Injuries

Beach run! (RunKarlaRun.com)

5 Tools That Helped Heal My Plantar Fasciitis

Oh, plantar fasciitis. It’s a real pain the foot, and one of the top three most common running injuries. It’s so pernicious that 1 million people seek cbn isolate treatment for plantar fasciitis every year.

I struggled with it for four months. These are the tools that helped me get back into fighting—and personal best—shape by giving plantar fasciitis the boot, and continue to help me keep it away. See all five tools at RunKarlaRun.com


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