Greetings From Switzerland and Austria

greetings from switzerland

The Swiss flag

Greetings from Switzerland! I’m in the land of cheese and chocolate for a six-day getaway.

Two of my friends, who work for two different companies in two completely different industries, were both transferred to Switzerland for work.

So my husband, Phil, and I thought we’d use it as an excuse for a European ski vacation.

We cashed in some airline miles and got ourselves two tickets to Zurich, where we’re staying with friends. It’s going to look like “Cathy” cartoon up in here. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

winter olympics, greetings from switzerland

Canada and Team USA face off in the 2010 Olympic men’s gold medal hockey game. (Photo:

Then it’s off to St. Anton in the Austrian Alps, which is known as much for its après ski scene as for its slopes. I see a lot of Winter Olympics viewing in Austrian bars in my future. That is, if Austrians watch TV in bars.

Phil is already excited about being in Austria for the Austria v. Canada men’s hockey game. Yes, Phil is Canadian… and a hockey fan. He packed his Canadian flag to bring to watch the game. Sigh. The hills won’t be alive with the sound of music, but with the sound of Olympic hockey.

snowshoeing, Colorado, snowshoe, greetings from switzerland

Giving snowshoeing a try in Colorado. (Photo:

Sadly, I don’t ski downhill. With the remnants of a bone tumor in one knee and arthritis in the other, downhill skiing is on the no-go list for me. Seriously, my knees hurt just watching all the Alpine and Moguls Olympic skiing.

But I do cross-country ski and tried my hand, or feet, at snowshoeing for the first time last winter. So I anticipate doing a little bit of each. We’ll see. It will be an adventure.

I’ve got a few posts scheduled for while I’m away so I can take the week off of work.

I’ve never been to either Switzerland or Austria, so I’m looking forward to enjoying Europe’s winter wonderland for the first time.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye! For a few days at least.


02 2014