VIDEO: Wild Dog Triathlon in Rhode Island

Wild Dog Triathlon, sprint triathlon, Colt State Park

Fourth triathlon done! (Photo:

I finished my fourth triathlon on Sunday, August 11 at the Wild Dog Triathlon In Bristol, Rhode Island. The course in Rhode Island’s Colt State Park was dazzling with a surprisingly warm open water swim in Narragansett Bay, a bike ride through the 464-acre park, and an out-and-back run entirely along the waterfront.

Check out the video below.

I had a great time at this triathlon and would love to do it again. But it was full of highs and lows.


The swim was a high. I finished 13th of 74 women, polishing off the quarter mile swim and tenth of a mile run to the transition zone in 7:49. The only woman in my age group who beat me won the women’s race overall.


The bike was a definite low. I finished in 42:04. It was my slowest triathlon ride since my debut in 2011. The bike portion was advertised as 10 miles. My GPS clocked it at 11, which I confirmed with USATF’s mapping tool—10.8 on the road and a tenth of a mile on grass running to and from the transition zone. I came 46th of 74 women.


I redeemed myself with an amazing run. It was a 3-mile out and back jaunt that clocked in closer to 2.9 miles. I managed to run an all-time 3-mile personal record—in a triathlon and as a stand-alone run—finishing in 23:22. I came 20th of 74 women on the run, finishing third in my age group behind the overall triathlon women’s winner and one other speedster.


I finished the triathlon in 1:14:49, 23rd of 74 women overall. It was good enough for 5th in my age group. For the first time, I made it onto a race website as an award winner. Hurray!

Wild Dog Triathlon Video and Race Report

My full race report is yet to come. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this video of the Wild Dog Triathlon, thanks to the camera work of my husband, Phil. It’s hopefully the first of many videos from my running, triathlon and travel adventures that I’ll be sharing on my YouTube channel, RunKarlaRun. If you’re a YouTuber, please follow me. I’ve already got a few videos up there and will be adding more down the road in the future.

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