And My Running Costume For Disney Marathon Is…

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Running as Cinderella in rags. Jacque the Mouse will be by my side.

Hot dog! As Mickey Mouse would say. The Walt Disney World Marathon is in less than 24 hours. It’s my first 26.2-mile rodeo around “the World” and I couldn’t be more excited. And perhaps more than anything, I’m excited about my running costume.

The Walt Disney World Marathon will be my sixth marathon and my fourth runDisney race; I already have the Wine & Dine, Tinker Bell, and Princess Half Marathons under my race belt, not to mention a Coast-to-Coast medal. Talk about falling down the rabbit hole.

For the first time, I’m treating the marathon as a fun run; no gunning for a personal best—like I have every other time I’ve run a marathon, and with much success. I’ve shaved 86 minutes off my marathon PR since my first stab at the distance in 2007.

But this one is just for fun. My husband and I are running it side-by-side. Jogging at my easy pace will be a walk in the theme park for him; he’s a 3:03 marathoner. But we’re excited to take some pictures, enjoy the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the race, and celebrate an anniversary of our own.

We met almost exactly five years ago on January 19. He proposed at Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon in 2011 and I had my bachelorette party on a Disney cruise. So it feels appropriate that we’d celebrate our five-year anniversary by running hand in hand at Disney.

Now for the time honored question of what to wear. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about what costumes we’re running in this time. At the 2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon we ran to a chorus of “Awwwws” as Cinderella and Prince Charming. He really was my Prince Charming that day, pacing me to a PR.

But this year, we’ve chosen a similar, but slightly different route. After tossing around ideas, we narrowed our costume picks down to three choices:

1) Jasmine and Aladdin

2) Princess Aurora and Prince Philip

3) Cinderella and Jacques the Mouse

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Jacque the Mouse’s finishing touches are a black nose and whiskers.

I let my husband pick, thinking surely he’d go the Sleeping Beauty route; his name is also Philip, after all, and he proudly wears a “Sorry ladies, I’m taken” Prince Philip shirt that I bought for him.

But after toying with the idea of running shirtless as Aladdin, he shocked me when he chose Jacques the Mouse.

“It’ll be fun!” he enthused. And then I remembered that this is the guy who heartily agreed to name our dog Cinderella. We call her Rella or Relly for short, much like the mice.

So once again, I’m running as my favorite Disney gal. Except this time, I’m leaving the ball gown at home and wearing my work clothes. It feels appropriate for the hard work that will be the marathon.

Phil’s Jacque costume is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself, especially with his nose painted and whiskers drawn on his face. Though I fear he’ll be a tad warm in the Florida humidity. All in the name of fashion!

So if you see Cinderella in rags and a 6’1 mouse at the race on Sunday, give us a shout hello! We’ll be sure to cheer you on right back.

Good luck to everyone running, have fun to everyone who is cheering, and I’ll see you out on the course!

Disclosure: As a member of the running media, runDisney has provided me with complimentary race entry, hotel, park tickets, airfare and some meals (like the Pasta in the Park Party) for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. But as always, all opinions are purely my own. I really do believe in being honest about my experiences and Disney is no exception. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.


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