Running the Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge

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Racers run through Cinderella’s Castle during the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Photo courtesy of runDisney/Todd Anderson.

I like a good challenge. The Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak? Check. Four hours on an elliptical machine? Dunzo. My first triathlon? In the bag.

So I’m making my first goal of 2012 another challenge—the run Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge. Runners who finish a half marathon or marathon at both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California in the same calendar year receive a third medal to mark the occasion. I do like a nice medal.

Runners are automagically (as Mickey Mouse would say) entered into the challenge when registering for qualifying races, which include the Walt Disney World Marathon, Walt Disney World Marathon Relay, Walt Disney World Half Marathon, Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon and Disney’s Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World; and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Disneyland Half Marathon at Disneyland.

A new year calls for a new challenge. But I often find that the best way to plan for the year ahead is to start by looking back. As I sat down with my training calendars of yore, I noticed something startling. Of the 41 races I ran in the last five years, only three of them were half-marathons. I’ve run more marathons than that. In fact, of the seven distances I commonly race—1 mile, 5K, 4 mile, 5 mile, 10K, half-marathon and marathon—the half-marathon is my least trod event.

Not only that, of the three half-marathons I’ve run, I raced only one; the other two were fun runs. And yet, for the last two years, one of my running resolutions has been to break 2 hours in the half marathon. But if I never run any, how can I possibly accomplish that?

That’s where the Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge comes in. If I really want to break 2 hours in the half, I’ve got to race—and train for—halves. It’s that simple.

As luck would have it, I had trips planned to California and Florida that happened to neatly coincide with Disney’s Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons in Walt Disney World and Disneyland respectively. I saw it as a sign. My lifelong love of Disney would finally help me see this goal through.

Fresh off the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak that ended on New Year’s Day, I had a nice 40-day, 100-mile base to work from. So from Jan. 1, I mapped out an 8-week half-marathon training program to prepare me for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon on Feb. 26. That might be my first attempt of 2012 at finally breaking the 2-hour barrier.

But before then, in just two weeks, I’ll put my first half of the year under my belt with the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon. I don’t plan on racing it, but doing it as a training run. For Tinker Bell, I’m going to concentrate on getting the distance under my legs, and more importantly, having some fun. I’m even toying with the idea of getting into the spirit of the event with a fun costume. As the first women’s focused race ever held at Disneyland, I imagine there’ll be plenty of ladies—and even a few gents—decked out in their Disney best. It’s also my first trip to Disneyland, so the occasion warrants a little something special.

But the Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge will certainly be a real test for me. I’ll be logging as many half-marathons in two months as I did in the last five years. But if my first runDisney race—the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon—was any indicator, it will be the most fun challenge I’ve done to date.

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As a member of the running media, runDisney is providing me with complimentary race entry, hotel, park tickets, and some meals for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon. But as always, all opinions are purely my own. I really do believe in being honest about my experiences and Disney is no exception. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.


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