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Jerusalem Half Marathon Training Plan

half marathon training plan

The Jerusalem Marathon and Half Marathon. (Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90-IsrealTourism/Flickr)

In exactly seven weeks from today, I’ll be on the starting line of the Jerusalem Half Marathon as part of a press trip sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with El Al Airlines. Last week, I wrote about how meaningful this race will be for me. Now, it’s time to dive back into my half marathon training plan.

After the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday, January 11, which marked the end of my 46-day running streak, I took two weeks off from running. My body needed it. I did run once during that time: On Saturday, January 18 to participate in Meg’s Miles, honoring a runner killed by a drunk driver and raising awareness for runner safety.

Come Saturday, January 25, it was time to ease back into training. The Jerusalem Marathon and Half Marathon is an odd duck in the running world in that it’s on a Friday. So my new training schedule is Saturday to Friday, instead of the usual Monday to Sunday. I’ve got an eight-week half marathon training plan mapped out and am happy to say that Week 1 is successfully behind me.

Half Marathon Training Plan

Anticipating that I’d want to run a spring half to finally nab my sub-2-hour half marathon goal, the first week of December I started using a 12-week half marathon training plan from Greg McMillan’s book, “You (Only Faster).” Read the rest of this entry →


Jan 2014

My Disney Running Costumes: Walt Disney World 10K

Disney running costumes, Belle running costume

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!” Me too, Belle!

It’s a tale as old as time: wearing Disney running costumes to races. OK, maybe it’s not a tale as old as time, but for me it does go back to the 2012 Tinker Bell Half Marathon, where I donned my first of many Disney running costumes and emerged a changed woman.

I’m wearing three Disney running costumes while running three races as a guest of runDisney at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: Disney Family Fun Run 5K, Walt Disney World 10K and Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

Esmeralda running costume, Disney running costumes

I ran the Disney Family Fun Run 5K as Esmeralda.

With the Disney Family Fun Run 5K behind me—dressed as Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame—and a Pluto medal around my neck (full race report is here!), the Walt Disney World 10K is my big target race of the weekend. It’s the one I’m racing for a personal best.

So for this race, I really wanted a costume I can race in. I ran a personal record at the 2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon while dressed as Cinderella with Prince Charming by my side. So I know that Disney running costumes and PRs can go hand in hand.

But it also means choosing one carefully. No wigs, no hats, no elaborate accessories, and, most importantly, I need to have my hair pulled back. Cinderella was perfect because she wore her hair in a bun to the ball. I almost always wear my hair in a bun when I race.

So I finally settled on the perfect Disney gal to guide me to a new running frontier: Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. Read the rest of this entry →

Best Gifts For Runners 2013: Karla’s Favorite Things

best gifts for runners

A winter scene by Currier & Ives.

It was snowing just yesterday, my Christmas tree is lighting up my living room and Christmas is just two weeks away. Wondering what to get for the runner on your list? These are just a few of my favorite things: the best gifts for runners this year.

I get lots of samples from sports companies and buy plenty of gear myself. The products on this list represent my favorite clothes, gadgets and gear currently available from a range of brands. In clothing, I’ve tried the women’s versions, but many come in men’s options too. I’ve indicated which items are available for men or in unisex sizing—a full 30 of them are. And I’ve included the list prices, though you’ll find many items for less than that.

Also, if it’s been in a past gift guide of mine, I didn’t include it here. But many of the products I highlighted in the days of yore are still available. So here are my guides from 2012, 2011, and 2009.

Without further ado, it’s time to get shopping and wish-listing. Here are my favorite running jackets, layers, tights, shorts, tanks, socks, sleeves, sports bras, gadgets, books and more this year. There are nearly 50 items in all.

Best Gifts For Runners 2013

Running Jackets

Three very different options for different needs: visibility, wind and all weather. Read the rest of this entry →

Remembering My Dad Through Running & Writing

The Man That Wasn't, remembering my dad

My sister (left), my dad and me (right) on a trip to Florida in 1982.

My very first post on “Run, Karla, Run!” back in October 2009 was about remembering my dad through running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

That marathon was an emotional one for me. The race on October 11, 2009 marked the 6th anniversary of my father’s death in the city of my youth.

In The Chicago Marathon Homecoming Run, I wrote:

Just after the 12-mile mark, the marathon course tracks past The Merchandise Mart, where my dad worked during his glory days. I spent many weekends at my dad’s office when I was growing up. I can never pass the Mart without thinking of him. He was a workaholic, but more importantly, he was an alcoholic.

And after the race, I wrote in The Chicago Marathon: A Run Down Memory Lane:

As we crossed the Chicago River near the 12-mile marker, we passed the building where my dad once worked. “That’s the Merchandise Mart,” one of the pace team leaders yelled to the group. “It’s the largest office building in the world.” I bowed my head and prayed for strength. Not for me, but for him. At some point during his life, he’d lost the strength he once had; he died of alcoholism at the age of 58.

Last month marked the 10th anniversary of this death.

Now I’m remembering my father in print, once again, with “The Man That Wasn’t: My Father’s Slow Suicide.”

My dad never knew me as a runner. For a decade, I hated running, thanks to a bone tumor in my leg just below my knee. The surgery that changed my life, and opened up the world of running to me, happened just two months after my father died. Read the rest of this entry →


Nov 2013

Cookbooks For Runners From RW + No Meat Athlete

cookbooks for runners

Spicy Fish Tacos with Pineapple Slaw. (Photo: The Runner’s World Cookbook)

‘Runner’s World’ & ‘No Meat Athlete’ Offer New Cookbooks For Runners

If you are kitchen-challenged like me, you might need the help of a recipe or two to feed yourself and your family. Even if you are an expert at-home chef like my husband, sometimes it’s easy to get caught in a food rut.

So I appreciated the thoughtful care that went into two new cookbooks for runners that hit shelves this month: “The Runner’s World Cookbook,” a collection of 150 recipes from the monthly’s pages; and “No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self” by running blogger Matt Frazier with Matt Ruscigno, featuring 55 recipes and a guide to running on a meat-free diet. Read the rest of this entry →


Oct 2013

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