Summer Running Tips, Tricks, And Mantras

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Summer running  is here! (

Memorial Day Weekend is here, which means the unofficial start of summer running. As the mercury climbs, runs can become challenging and even demoralizing. I have a mantra for the occasion: “Hot summer runs lead to cool fall PR’s.” Mid-run it might sound more like, “Hot! Runs! Cool! PRs!” But you get the idea.

What’s the best temperature for a run? I did the investigating for, along with digging up seven expert-approved tips for throwing down even when the mercury climbs. And if you do happen to get demoralized out there, I’m re-sharing a few oldies but goldies that will help you push through the toughest summer running.

Summer Running Tips, Tricks, & Mantras

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7 Running Tricks to Help You Speed Up in Hot Weather

The dog days of summer can be a tough time for running. The hotter it is, the harder it becomes to push yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your sweat sesh if you do it right. Heck, you can even use this time to build your speed for the months ahead.

Cooling techniques like pre-chilling your body can actually help you run harder and keep you cool longer during a sweltering workout, according to a study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. But that’s not the only way to beat the heat and build running speed this season. From workout tweaks to form drills and on-the-run chill-out methods, here are seven science-tested and expert-approved ways to cool down and speed up. Yes, you’re going to need a few more ice trays. And maybe a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine. Who said summer running can’t be fun? → Read all 7 tips at

Summer Running Tips, Tricks, & Mantras

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Running Mantras For Racing And Training

I didn’t always have a running mantra. In fact, it took me years to hone in on a few that really work for me. When I’m struggling and need to dig deep, I turn to two phrases that somehow spur me on. One is just perfect for summer running.

85 degrees and humid? “Hot summer runs lead to cool fall PRs.”

Mile 6 of an 8-mile tempo workout in the sun? “Hot. (inhale) Summer. (breath) Runs. (gasp) Cool. (wheeze) Fall. (gasp) PRs.” It’s my go-to summer training mantra. → Read more at

Summer Running Tips, Tricks, & Mantras

Spring and fall brings the best temps of all (

What’s the Best Temperature for a Run?

When researchers from the University of Tulsa examined the 25 fastest performances at different distances, along with the temperature that day, they discovered that perfect running temps hovered between 73.4 and 49.4 degrees depending on the distance.

Basically, the farther or longer you run, the cooler you want it to be. “When it’s warmer, your body’s ability to dissipate heat can be compromised,” says Angela Hillman, Ph.D, an exercise physiologist. “The cooler the temperature, within reason, the more heat your body can give off to keep you from overheating.”

From 100 meters to the marathon, these are the ideal conditions for race day. → See the infographic at

Summer Running Tips, Tricks, & Mantras

Don’t let dark days get you down. (

Getting Over A Bad Run

Bad runs, like bad things, happen to good people. More specifically, they happen to good runners. Bad runs can be insidious; they can infect your mind and your training, especially if you’re unable to shake them off.

Summer running means many especially bad runs. I knew one particular 85-degree day, with clear skies and about 50 percent humidity, would be tough. The hotter it is, the slower we’re able to run—as much as 5 percent slower for every 10 degrees above 55, according to coach extraordinaire Jeff Galloway. Experts like the folks over at Endurance Science even have empirical data to prove it.

So I expected to take it easy and run a bit slower. But I didn’t expect it to be demoralizing. →  Find out how I got over this bad run

Here’s to lots of sweaty summer running!
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    Great post! Honestly I pretty much just give up on running in the summer unless I absolutely HAVE to train for something (e.g. like if I managed to get into NYCM and I’m SO excited that it somehow makes 90+ degree temps feel slightly less soul-crushing). I’ve tried all the tips and tricks and no matter what, I am just MISERABLE…so I’ve pretty much just accepted that summer is my “off season” and try to find other things to do with my time, haha.
    Jennifer @ The Final Forty recently posted..Taking on New ChallengesMy Profile

    • Karla Bruning

      I totally feel you. I make summer my triathlon season for much the same reason. I run less and swim and bike more. My fave is running TO the beach to swim. I can run surprisingly fast in the heat when I know the run ends in a cool body of water!
      Karla Bruning recently posted..Happy Global Running Day 2016!My Profile