Happy Birthday, Cinderella! My Running Pal is 7

Happy Birthday, Cinderella! My Running Pal is 7 Years Old

Running pal!

My running pal is 7 years old today! Okay, so she’s probably not. But five years ago today this sweet baby dog came into my life. My husband, Phil, and I anointed that day as her annual fete. She was a stray and the vet guessed she was about two years old. So 7 it is!

Happy Birthday, Cinderella! My Running Pal is 7 Years Old

Looking good at 7! (RunKarlaRun.com)

As a pup, Cinderella was living in the woods of Tennesse in a place rescue workers told me is a popular spot for “dumping” dogs. It still breaks my heart to think of her living on her own, foraging for food, getting by any way she could. Her front teeth are ground down to stubs, the vet guesses, from chewing on sticks and rocks. One of her nicknames is Toothless, because she’s as sweet as the Night Fury of the same name in How To Train Your Dragon.

A man who lived nearby spotted her and won her trust over time. She lived in his yard for a while, until he decided to put her into rescue, where she eventually found her way to me.

Cinderella is the most tender-hearted dog I have ever known. She has so much love to give, and has been a great running pal, hiking buddy, snuggling bug, and best friend. I call her my “co-worker.” We spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together. Both Phil and I agree that adopting her is the best thing we have ever done.

Last year, I put together for Shape.com “The Ultimate Guide to Running With Your Dog” with nine vet and trainer tips for keeping your furry running pal healthy on the run, including fueling (dogs burn fat, not carbs for energy!), stretching (yep, it’s good for them too), warning signs (humidity is especially tough on dogs), and lots more.

One of the things I’ve learned running with Relly over the years is that she’s a speedster, not an endurance monster. She can out sprint me any day of the week, but she doesn’t enjoy running more than four or five miles. Hiking is another story; she can hike all day long. I usually poop out before she does!

Hers is a true Cinderella story. So happy birthday to my doghter! I’ve heard that I don’t post enough photos of Cinderella. So here she is ladies and gentlemen: Cinderella, in pictures, 2015-2016.

Karla Bruning


Karla Bruning is a race announcer at the TCS New York City Marathon + other major events, TV host for the New York City Triathlon + contributor to Shape, Redbook, Runner's World + other publications. She used to report for Newsweek but spent her free time squeezing in workouts. Now it's her job. She's run 8 marathons, 30 halves, 10 triathlons + open water swims. When she's not running, talking about running or writing about running, she's snuggling her baby, spoiling her dog + compulsively traveling.


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    Happy birthday, Cinderella! What a beauty! Thanks for sharing her story. I’ve been thinking of adopting a rescue – preferably one that likes running too – and you’ve inspired me to think a little harder. Hugs to you both!!

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    What a lovely collage of all your memories with Cinderella. What a sweetie! She is definitely lucky that you came along to love her and run with her!
    Elizabeth Clor recently posted..Two Weeks Until Boston!My Profile

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    Happy Birthday Cinderella!! She is such a cute dog – that face!! What a great story as well.
    Emily recently posted..2016 520 10KMy Profile

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    Happy birthday to that cutie patootie pup of yours! So jealous! Give her some extra snuggles for me.
    Kellie recently posted..Late Cancellation FeesMy Profile