Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Running in Hawaii

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park (

Keeps your legs rockin’ in style with these 10 running tights, capris, and warm-ups from seven different brands. They range from $20 to $120, so there’s something for every price point.

If it’s on this list, I officially own it and love it. Companies send loads of samples my way, many unsolicited. I try them all so you don’t have to. And I only keep, wear, and post about the ones I love. For each pair of running tights you see here, there’s another pair (or two) that didn’t make the cut.

Many of the products I highlighted in the days of yore are still available and among my go-to faves. (Gore Running Wear Mythos 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Tights, I’m talking to you.) So here are my gift guides from 2014 and 2013, which also have some of my perennial favorite running tights and capris. You’ll find affiliate links in this post to help keep running.

Happy Shopping!

Running Tights & Capris

Nike Epic Lux Tights, $79-$120

Epic and lux is right. I’ve long been a Nike running tights evangelist and these are the best of the best. Yes, you’ll pay a pretty penny, but the quality is top of the line. Silky, second skin fabric, a wide flattering waistband, mesh panels behind your knees, these are the tights I wear again and again and again. Plus, I get compliments every time I wear them. Solid or print, you can find them in both in a range of colors and prints. I can’t say enough good things about these tights—and most Nike tights in general.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Nike Epic Lux Tight

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

In action in Oslo

2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights, $120

If you want to werk it, these compression tights are uh-may-zing! I wear them on long runs and tough workouts all the time to help reduce soreness the next day. Targeted compression reduces muscle vibration where you most need it. The waistband is a touch tight, but oh so worth it! These are the next level of compression from the 2XU Women’s Compression Tights I wrote about last year. You can’t go wrong with either pair. I wear both of them just about every single week. Plus, they come in tall sizes too. Cue angels singing.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights

New Balance Performance Printed Tight, $53-$85

Purple swirl running tights? Yes, please! The print and moisture-wicking fabric is the main story. Rouched ankles, wide flattering waistband, and a hidden pocket are the details. These are my go-to tights when I need to look cute on the run. Case in point: I brought just one pair of tights with me on my 3-week trip to Hawai’i. I picked these. They’re cute, comfortable, and perform well. The trifecta!

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

New Balance Performance Printed Tight

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

At 14,000 ft. on Mauna Kea in Hawai’i

New Balance Performance Printed Capri, $65-$75

The capri version of the running tights above, I love the Sea Glass stripe pattern. I also own these in basic black, one of two pairs of capris I brought with me to Hawai’i. They really hug your curves and feel so good on.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

New Balance Performance Printed Capri

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Black capris on Maui

Oakley Printed Strength Capri, $44-$80

With a wide mid-rise waist-band, these capris are flattering all day long. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. They made the cut on my trip to Sweden and Norway. Sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, a hidden pocket. Simply, it’s love!

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Oakley Printed Strength Capri

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

In action in Norway

Brooks Running Streaker Capri, $55-85

They fit like a soft, second skin that holds everything in the right place. And they’re crazy cute, too, with an ombre stripe pattern. The waistband is a tad big for me, but it hasn’t stopped me from wearing them to death. You’ve seen me run in them in Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Pennsylvania, Hawai’i… They’re all over my Instagram feed.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Brooks Streaker Capri

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

In Sweden

Puma Printed Leggings, $20-$40

If you’re looking for a basic pair of running tights that won’t break the bank, I love these poly-elastic leggings for their loud print and contrast side panel. I’ve been wearing them a ton on the run. They’re comfortable and fun. Just be sure to order one size up. They run a touch small.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Puma Printed Leggings

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Home in NYC

Puma All Eyes On Me Tights, $10-$50

Choose from 3/4 to full length running tights in a rainbow of colors and patterns. I recently ran my 2nd fastest 5K in these beauties, which mean I especially love them now. Moisture-wicking with a wide double waistband and a hidden pocket, these tights have the basics I need. They do run small, so you may want to order one size larger than you usually do.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Puma All Eyes on Me Tights

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Race Ready

Puma PWRWARM Restore Sweatpants, $19-$50

I haven’t been able to take these off the last few months. I’ve tried a few pairs of slouchy “genie” sweats this year. These are the clear winners. With rouched leg cuffs, a tapered cut, and loose fit, these are the cutest sweat pants I’ve ever seen. Plus, the fabric holds in your body heat. I’ve been wearing them before runs, after runs, on long car rides, to brunch, around my house—basically, I wear them all the time.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Puma PWRWARM Restore Sweatpants

Ready for GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon

Stretch time in NYC

Soffe Boyfriend Capri, $15-$20

Let me say this: every woman in my family owns a pair of these pants—my sister, my mom, and me—and they look great on every single one of us. We range in height from 5’3 to 5’8 and age from 30s to 70s. They’re comfortable, soft, and adorable. These basic fleece sweats are slouchy in the hips, fitted at the calves and all sorts of cute.

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Soffe Boyfriend Capris

Running Tights & Capris For The Long Run

Dancing on my own

All of the products here were complimentary samples, except the Soffe Boyfriend Capris, which my sister gave me as a gift. Many of the items I receive or buy never make the pages of “Run, Karla, Run!” I simply don’t write about products that I don’t love. So if it made the cut, I officially use it and love it. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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