How To Make An Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

A Whole New World of running costumes! (Photo: Marathon Foto)

In honor of the 2014 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, I thought I’d share how I put together an Aladdin and Jasmine running costume for my husband and me. We dressed as the duo at the 2013 race, and had a blast in the process.

Aladdin and Jasmine were definitely the easiest of the running costumes I’ve put together:

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella in Rags and Jacques the Mouse

Cinderella in Pink

Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle in Blue

The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘s Esmeralda

Honestly, this is a costume that anyone could make. If you want to put together your own Jasmine and Aladdin Disney running costumes, here’s my step-by-step “How To.”

How To Make An Aladdin & Jasmine Running CostumeHow To Make A Jasmine Running Costume

Gather all the pieces you need to transform into Jasmine. I have zero background in sewing, so the sewing tools I used are:

1. Needle and thread

2. Safety pins

3. Double-sided tape

4. Scissors

The costume items I used are:

1. Harem pants

2. Shorts

3. Tank top

4. Neck gaiter

5. Ribbon

6. Hair rat

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

My harem pants with sparkle dot panels (

7. Headband

8. Wrist Bands

9. Jewelry

10. Makeup

Jasmine’s Pants

Buying the turquoise harem pants, embellished with sparkle dot panels, for my Jasmine running costume was my biggest purchase: $20 online. I used items I already had for almost everything else in this costume. The pants are slightly translucent, so I paired them with boy shorts that I already owned.

There was only one tricky part: the sparkle dot strips move independently of the pants, which looked and felt awkward when I ran. The pant would move with my leg, but the strips didn’t. So I used clear, double-sided tape to stick the panels to the pants. Easy peasy.

Jasmine’s Shirt

This sleep tank was already in my closet.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

My embellished tank (

So I merely embellished it to match the pants. I cut slivers off of the pants’ sparkle dot panels, and sewed them onto the shirt with needle and thread as a decorative strap. Then I paired the top with a matching bra that I already had. Voila!

Jasmine’s Hair

Getting a character’s hair right is key to a killer running costume. With such a simple outfit, the trickiest part of any Jasmine running costume is duplicating her luxurious, black locks.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Hi! (Photo: Joe Taricani/The Marathon Show)

Now, I’m not about to wear a hot and heavy wig to a humid Florida race. But I also didn’t want to deal with temporary black hair dye or anything like that. I know some folks who have had very bad experiences with even the so-called washable kind. So it was time to get creative.

I used four key items to put together the look you see: a cotton neck gaiter, a hair rat, a headband, and ribbons.

1) I put my own hair into a low bun to get it out of the way.

2) I put the black neck gaiter over my head hair.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Black neck gaiter (

I rolled the hair rat into the front of the gaiter, so that it created the effect of bangs. What’s a hair rat, you ask? This is a hair rat.

How to make a Cinderella pink dress for running

Hair rats double as shoulder pads (

Hair rats are a regular part of my costume tool kit. You can order them online or even use a bun chignon sold at stores like H&M or Sally’s, and just cut it open to make a long rat instead of a doughnut shaped one.

3) I put a blue, sparkle headband around the whole thing to hold it into place.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Sparkle Athletic Power WristBand and Headband (

4) To create Jasmine’s long pony tail, I loosely braided three black ribbons that I already had. Then I pinned the ribbon into my bun under the neck gaiter.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Braided ribbon (

5) Finally, I used a regular hair-tie to enclose the end of the gaiter around the braid so that it wasn’t flapping around.

The ribbons were so light I didn’t even notice them when I ran, and the neck gaiter worked great as a sweat band. It kept all my sweat from running into my eyes and ruining my make-up. Plus, since this was a night race, the mask of darkness hid the “magic” behind my hair-do.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Jasmine-inspired jewelry (

Jasmine’s Accessories

As a princess, Jasmine wears some serious bling. So I bought a Jasmine jewelry set on sale at the Disney Store for about $7. One of the earrings broke right away, so I wore a pair of my own earrings with the toy necklace. Then I took one of the toy earrings and safety-pinned it to my headband to make it look more like Jasmine’s regalia.

I threw on some Power WristBands given to me by Sparkle Athletic and finished off the look with lots of eye makeup. I don’t usually wear make-up when I run (except for lipstick or lipgloss), but I thought this costume warranted a little black eyeliner, mascara and blue eyeshadow. I thought of coloring my eyebrows black too, but I was worried the make-up would just run down my face. So I left my eyebrows au naturel.

Honestly, the neck gaiter worked wonderfully as a sweat band. At the end of the race, all my make-up was still in place!

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Finish line runfie (

That’s it! The total cost for my Jasmine running costume was less than $30, since I already owned so many of the items.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Aladdin! (Marathon Photo)

How To Make An Aladdin Running Costume

Getting Aladdin’s get-up right was a lot easier. Even though I ended up buying most of his pieces, it was all pretty cheap. Aladdin’s outfit is so simple and my husband already kind of looks like Aladdin, so he didn’t need any hair or makeup help.

The “sewing” tools you’ll need:

1. Safety pins

2. Scissors

(I told you this was really easy!)

The costume pieces you need:

1. Harem pants

2. Cummerbund

3. Vest

4. Hat

Aladdin’s Pants

Aladdin’s white harem pants were my biggest purchase: $15 online. Then I pinned a rag patch onto them to make them look more authentic.

I used an old brown race tee that I already had to make his cummerbund. I simply cut a circular strip off the bottom of the shirt and pinned it to size around my husband’s waist. Dunzo. Then he used the cummerbund to hide the race belt that we carried our camera in. Boom.

Aladdin’s Vest

Rather than buy a vest, I cut one out from a purple Hanes tee that I bought for $5 online.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

This Hanes tee became Aladdin’s vest. (

I just cut the arms off and sliced out a small panel in front. I also shortened it a bit—all with scissors. No needle and thread necessary.

Aladdin’s Hat

Aladdin’s red Fez hat in felt cost me $5 online.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Red Fez hat for Aladdin

I thought of making one, but by the time I bought the materials, it would have cost me $5 anyway. So I went the easy route.

And that’s it! The all in cost for this Aladdin running costume was $25!

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

We had so much fun running the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon as Aladdin and Jasmine. We got tons of shout-outs from other runners, staff along the course, and even Disney characters. It honestly makes the race more fun. And, of course, we stopped for lots of pictures. You can read all about it here: Race Report: Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2013.

With King Louie from “The Jungle Book” (Photo: Marathon Foto)

Then it was after-party time! The Finish Line Party is the best after party of any race I’ve ever been to. We’ve run the race twice and both times we stayed until 4 a.m.

2013 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

Ready to party! (Photo: Marathon Foto)

And at the end of the night, we got a side-by-side photo with the real Aladdin and Jasmine. Priceless. It was the perfect finish to the perfect night.

How To Make Aladdin & Jasmine Running Costume

Twinsies! (

I attended Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon courtesy of runDisney and New Balance. But as always, all opinions are purely my own. I really do believe in being honest about my experiences and Disney is no exception. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

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