Gait Analysis For The Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF

Gait Analysis For Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

(Courtesy of Nike)

Have you ever had a running gait analysis? I now have video of mine thanks to Nike Running.

On Sunday,  October 19, I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco! I’ll be attending the race courtesy of Nike as part of a media group. Along with the race, they’re helping me train and gear up for the event. Excited? You bet!

Gait Analysis

To help me gear up for the race, I got fit for shoes at the Nike Running store in New York City’s Flatiron district. I’ve had my gait analyzed four times before at various running stores and in physical therapy. I have it checked periodically in case my form has changed dramatically since I’ve gotten faster, been diagnosed with arthritis, injured my hip in a horseback riding fall, and all the other things that affect how I run.

But year after year, gait analysis shows I’m a steadfast neutral shoe runner. This time I have video proof.

But what does it mean to be a neutral shoe runner? Pronation is the natural inward motion of the foot as it rolls to absorb the shock of your step. Runners with normal arches tend to pronate naturally, with the foot rolling inward a bit during each step. Runners with low arches tend to overpronate, rolling inward too much.

Me? I barely pronate at all thanks to my high arches. Having high arches also makes me more likely to be a heel striker, landing on the back outer edge of my foot. And, yep, I’m a heel striker. All my race photos concur. If you want to learn more, Runner’s World has a great resource with videos that explain pronation in depth.

Gait Analysis For Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

Nike Flyknit Lunar2 (Nike)

For me, this gait analysis means running in a neutral shoe that encourages a natural foot motion and has plenty of cushioning to help absorb shock, since my feet aren’t rolling enough to do it for me. I’ve been wearing neutral shoes since I started running and they’ve served me well.

After the gait analysis, I tried three pairs of shoes on the treadmill in store and settled on the Nike Flyknit Lunar2. I love the cushioned heel, Flyknit upper and soft ride. Plus, they come in my favorite color: purple. We’ll see how they fare for me.

Anyone can get a gait analysis with a video at Nike Running stores or via your own video on Twitter. I found it really cool to see my slo-mo run in action.

You Can Still Run The Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF

Now that I have my race day shoes, it’s time to get training. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco is in 10 weeks, plenty of time to get into shape.

Gait Analysis For Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

All downhill? (Courtesy of Nike)

I’m so incredibly excited for this one. I’ve never run a Nike race, and though I’ve been to San Francisco three times, I’ve never raced there. Knowing how hilly the city is, I’m not sure that this will be the race where I attempt my sub-2 hour half marathon. But Nike has a new course for the event, which they have yet to release. So I’ll wait to withhold judgement until I see it. Maybe it’ll be all downhill? A girl can dream.

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco is sold out. Runners were drawn from a lottery in June. But if you want to run the race, you can still register through charity and the race’s partner Team in Training through August 22. Team in Training still has bibs available for runners willing to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Visit the link for more information.

Gait Analysis For Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco


You can also enter to win a Nike Women’s Half Marathon Training Package courtesy of Luna. One winner will get an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco for her and a friend, two entries into the race, Nike+ SportWatches, training and nutrition consultations with Luna pros, and, of course, lots of Luna bars. Visit the Luna Facebook page to enter.

As mentioned above, I’m attending the race courtesy of Nike as part of a media group. As always, all posts and opinions are purely my own. I’m always honest about my experiences. Seriously. For more information, read my Disclosure policy.

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