I’m on ‘Guiliana & Bill’ on E! with ‘On The Run’

"On The Run" on "Giuliana & Bill" on E!

We’re on TV on TV!

A few folks who regularly watch “Giuliana & Bill” on E! recently told me that I was on the show! What?!

Back in November, half of the show’s dynamic duo ran the 2013 New York City Marathon for Timex. Bill Rancic started the race in dead last. For every runner he passed, Timex donated $1 to Giuliana Rancic’s charity for breast and ovarian cancer patients, Fab U Wish. I host New York Road Runners’ show, “On The Run,” and interviewed Bill twice before the race. He was incredibly nice and fun to chat with.

The E! camera crew was there filming us, filming Bill. Meta. I completely forgot that they asked us all to sign waivers so that they could use the footage on “Giuliana & Bill.” Apparently, the episode aired on May 20, 2014. Our little show about running was on E!

The segment they used is all of 20 seconds long. Here it is:

They dubbed my voice over my co-host Carrie Tollefson, when I say, “She’s a runner as well,” about Giuliana. They edited the footage to make it look like Carrie says it. Pretty funny. Even funnier is that the portion of the interview they used didn’t make our final cut.

Here’s our finished “On The Run” segment with Bill Rancic.

It’s interesting to see what one group of producers thinks is of interest to their audience, versus what another group of producers thinks is of interest to theirs. Two takes on one interview for two different audiences.

You can watch the entire “Giuliana & Bill” episode at eonline.com: Marathon Not A Sprint

You can watch the entire “On The Run at the 2013 New York City Marathon” recap with one of Bill’s interviews on YouTube: On the Run 2013 ING NYC Marathon Recap

Karla Bruning


Karla Bruning is a race announcer at the TCS New York City Marathon + other major events, TV host for the New York City Triathlon + contributor to Shape, Redbook, Runner's World + other publications. She used to report for Newsweek but spent her free time squeezing in workouts. Now it's her job. She's run 8 marathons, 30 halves, 10 triathlons + open water swims. When she's not running, talking about running or writing about running, she's snuggling her baby, spoiling her dog + compulsively traveling.


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  1. 1

    I remember seeing you on the show and telling my husband that I “know” you! So cool!
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..Ironman Boulder 70.3 Race RecapMy Profile

  2. 3

    I remember seeing this as well! I work in tv as well so I think it’s interesting to see the two versions!

    I’m a big fan of your show– watched the 2013 youtube episodes during training for the nychalf and it got me so excited for the race! Now, I watch them during treadmill runs because they’re so interesting (and I LOVE NYC!)

    Keep up the great work :)
    Kaella (KaellaOnTheRun) recently posted..Half Marathon #4 Training PlanMy Profile

  3. 5

    That’s pretty awesome, Karla! I think it’s so funny how things get edited.
    Mer @ ScootaDoot recently posted..7 reasons I shouldn’t have reached my 10th birthdayMy Profile

  4. 7

    How cool! I was so happy when Bill won the Apprentice (my family watched the first season religiously). I didn’t realize both Bill & Guiliana run. They seem like a lovely couple.
    Judith recently posted..I Would Run 1000 MilesMy Profile

  5. 9

    So funny the way things get edited, that’s why I feel like people always need to remember to take reality TV with a grain of salt, you’re really seeing the version of the story the editors want you to see!

    We used to have TV cameras for stuff at MSG a lot when I worked there, I used to think it was so funny when people would text me telling me I was in the background of one show or another : )
    Danielle recently posted..The Disney Feet DilemmaMy Profile

  6. 11

    Ha, nice, congrats! I also edit TV and trust me, I know how much stuff is influenced and manipulated. My wife hates it when we watch TV and I point stuff out that I notice from my experience, “You’re ruining the show for me!” Hahaha
    Scott Evans recently posted..Toddler Time, Forced Yoga, & USA World CupMy Profile

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