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If you’re a SHAPE Magazine subscriber, flip to page 104 where you’ll find me, yes, me!

SHAPE and EAS Sports Nutrition brought me on as a hired gun for the 2014 SHAPE Diva Dash series. I had so much fun at the 2013 SHAPE Diva Dash that it was easy to say yes. I’m sharing training tips in ads for the race and EAS in the April and May issues.

Then I’ll be running the SHAPE Diva Dash in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul on May 31, 2014.

The SHAPE Diva Dash is a series of 5K obstacle runs for women that are light on mud and barbed wire and heavy on the kinds of obstacles you might find at a playground: monkey bars, rope climbs and other challenges that test strength, speed and balance.

With 10 races around the U.S., each course is different and includes 10-12 obstacles. Terrain might be a combination of pavement, grass and trails. The most fun part is you won’t know what they’ll throw at you until race day.

SHAPE Diva Dash 5K Obstacle Race

Team “I ♥ NY” is ready to rock! (Photo: Cindy Gordon)

I ran the 2013 SHAPE Diva Dash in New Jersey last October. It certainly helped bring out the playground kid in me. I did the race with four of my friends, dressed in matching “I ♥ NY” gear.

Diva Dash races have one competitive wave and multiple non-competitive wave starts. We ran the race in one of the non-competitive waves, stayed together, and had a blast. We giggled through the whole thing. It was the perfect antidote to a long and laborious marathon training season. The race was just two weeks before my big fall marathon, perfect timing for a taper fun run.

This year, with a new 5K personal best under my belt from a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, I’m excited to make a proper race of it. I’ll be in the 9 a.m. competitive wave in Minneapolis. I’m racing this puppy! Especially since my last 4-mile race reinforced that fact that the 5K is really my best distance.

SHAPE Diva Dash Obstacle Run

Why, I always match my socks to the obstacles! (Photo: Cindy Gordon)

The training plan that I’ll be using is up now at Shape.com: Dominate Your Spring Obstacle Race with the Diva Dash Obstacle Race Training Plan. It’s got some running, circuit training, and cross-training to help build speed and fitness.

EAS sent me a few products to help me train. They’re one of the brands I’ve kept in rotation since I was a collegiate rower many moons ago. So working on this project seemed like a natural fit. My favorite? The EAS Lean 15 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are downright delicious. On race day, I’ll be hanging out at the EAS booth after I finish the race.

If you want to join me at the SHAPE Diva Dash in Minneapolis or any of the other races in the series, use code AXKB to get $10 off at www.divadash.com. The series kicked off in Dallas in March and moves to Austin on April 12, before touring Boulder, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Charlotte, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia and New York. See you out there!

As I mentioned above, SHAPE and EAS hired me to work on this project. But all opinions (and copy attributed to me in the magazine ads) are truly my own. That’s not just some legalese. I only work with races and products that I actually like. Imagine that!

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