Friday Foto: Triathlon Training Is Done. It’s Go Time

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Triathletes dash into the water at the start of the World Military Triathlon in California. (Photo: Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Jason R. William/US Navy)

That’s going to be me on Sunday at the Montauk Point Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon.

I’m really excited for the race. It’s my third triathlon, and unlike my first two triathlons I’ve actually had a decent triathlon training season. I missed one week of swimming and cycling and two weeks of running because of a hip injury, for which I’m still in physical therapy. Then I spent another two weeks slowly easing back into triathlon training. So I missed a good chunk, but not so much that I feel unprepared. I’ve been swimming and cycling about once a week each and running three times a week since then.

My hip still isn’t 100 percent, but my doctor and physical therapist cleared me to swim, bike and run. Because of the injury I have some lingering tightness, weakness and bursitis in the joint. So I’m not going to worry about nabbing a personal record at this triathlon. I haven’t been tapering these last few weeks. Instead, I’ve been ramping up my triathlon training post injury as my hip has gotten better. So I’m going to push as hard as my hip will let me and I’ll be fine with whatever time that means.

I’m just excited to splash into the water in my wetsuit, get onto the road with my new bike, and hit the pavement hard on the run.

Triathlon training is done. It’s go time. Here goes!

Karla Bruning


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07 2013

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