How To Make Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Running Costumes

How To Make Cinderella and Prince Charming Disney Running Costumes

Running as Prince Charming and Cinderella. (Photo: brightroom)

As a veteran of three Disney races—the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and Disney’s Princess Half Marathon—I know the slide into the Disney running costumes rabbit hole all too well.

After running my first runDisney race sans costume and my second Disney race in a store bought Tinker Bell costume, I decided to go all out for my third Disney race.

I learned from Team Sparkle running costumer extraordinaire Kelly Lewis that when it comes to pulling off successful Disney running costumes that are comfortable and easy to run in, the devil is in the details.

Armed with a few pieces of basic running gear and a creative outlook, my fiancé and I transformed into Cinderella and Prince Charming’s athletic alter egos for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in February.

Here’s how to make your own Cinderella and Prince Charming Disney running costumes. Best of all, the only tools you need are a needle, thread, safety pins and tape.

How to Make Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Running CostumesCinderella Disney Running Costumes

Cinderella’s Dress:

1) Start with a blue running skirt and matching tank. My skirt was from Team Sparkle (courtesy of Sparkle Athletic) and the tank was a Mossimo shirt from Target I already had in my closet. Pair it with a sports bra with a similar profile as your shirt.

2) The most recognizable features of Cinderella’s dress are the peplums on her skirt and poufs on her shoulders. I used an old white T-shirt from the bottom of my drawer to make them all.

3) Cut the sleeves off the T-shirt to make the shoulder poufs. You could buy shoulder pads at a craft or sewing store, but I actually used bra inserts. Just tuck the pads into the T-shirt material, gather and sew it all around the straps of your tank top. Mind you—I am no seamstress. The most I have ever sewn before is a button onto a coat. But you just need it to survive one race.

4) For the peplums, I cut square strips off the bottom of the old T-shirt, rounded the edges, and sewed thread through the top so the material gathered just a bit.

5) You’ll want to give the peplums a little bit of shape. I taped bunched up tissue paper to the backs of them. Yes, you read that right—bunched up tissue paper fastened with duct tape. Without the tissue paper, the peplums looked a little too lifeless. Rather than spend money on a stiff fabric, tissue paper was the cheap and easy route. Then simply safety pin or sew the peplums onto the skirt.

How To Make Cinderella and Prince Charming Disney running costumes

Bows on my running shoes completed the head to toe look. (Photo:

Cinderella’s Accessories:

The accessories are what complete any Cinderella Disney running costumes and give them that really finished look. I used:

1) White sparkle sleeves courtesy of Team Sparkle

2) A blue Hippie Runner 4Head headband that I purchased at the race expo

3) Fake pearl earrings that I already owned

4) White bows on my sneakers

5) A black ribbon pinned onto my neck as a cheap and easy choker

How To Make Cinderella and Prince Charming Disney running costumes

Transforming into Cinderella, complete with gold hairspray. (Photo:


Cinderella is a blonde. I am not. Rather than run in a potentially hot, itchy and expensive wig, I opted to use temporary hair coloring. I bought a tube of colored hair gel—Manic Panic DyeHard in Glam Gold—and a can of blonde hair spray—Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlight Spray.

1) First, I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and pinned it into a bun.

2) Then I layered on the hair gel.

3) And finally sprayed it with the blonde spray.

Did I look like a real blonde? Definitely not. You could still see my darker hair peeking through. But in the light, my hair did have a nice gold shimmer.

How To Make Cinderella and Prince Charming Disney running costumes

Pick base pieces that will be comfortable to run in, like running shorts and technical shirts. (Photo:

Prince Charming Disney Running Costumes

Prince Charming’s Suit:

Prince Charming base pieces are easy to find: solid red running shorts and a solid white technical shirt. I found both on sale at local athletic stores. The shorts are by Asics and the top by Champion.

Making Prince Charming’s bling was a bit trickier. I used:

1) Gold ribbon for the belt and epaulettes

2) Gold fringe for the epaulettes

3) Gold cord for the lanyards around his neck and shoulder

4) Red ribbon for the sash

How To Make Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Running Costumes

We ran the whole race with a wave and smile. (Photo: brightroom)

To make the epaulettes:

1) Cut up a paper shopping bag into a rectangle just the width and length of a man’s shoulder. Round one edge. Make one for each shoulder.

2) Using double-sided tape, stick the gold ribbon to the paper bag strip.

3) Sew fringe around the edge to complete the epaulette.

4) Pin the epaulettes to the shirt shoulders after you have fastened all the other accessories. The epaulettes will cover up the spots where you fasten the lanyards and sash.

To make the lanyards:

1) Cut the gold cord into two strips.

2) Pin one piece from shoulder to shoulder, letting it drape in front.

3) Pin the other piece around one shoulder under the arm.

How To Make Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Running Costumes

Disney’s Princess Half Marathon was a fairy tale race, especially when you run in costume. (Photo: RunKarlaRun)

To make the belt:

1) Sew, pin or use double sided tape to fasten the ribbon around the shirt at the waist.

Make a “belt-buckle” with another small piece of paper shopping bag. I cut the size I wanted then painted it with gold craft paint. You could also use gold nail polish in a pinch, cover it with more ribbon, or use a gold gift bag. Pin it to the front of the belt.

To make the sash:

Pin or sew a red ribbon across the shirt at one shoulder and at the opposite waist. This was easiest of all. I simply found a red ribbon left over from a Christmas present.

Finally, finish off the look with red sweatbands for your prince’s wrists, and you’ll be ready to run like royalty in your own Disney running costumes.

How To Make Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Running Costume

Bling! Princess Half and Coast to Coast medals in hand. (Photo: brightroom)

Disney Princess Half Marathon

So what’s the race like? Read about it here—Race Report: Disney Princess Half Marathon

More Disney Running Costumes

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I attended Disney’s Princess Half Marathon as part of a media group. But as always, all opinions are purely my own. I really do believe in being honest about my experiences. Seriously. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. A Pearson #

    Just wanted to say that I love your Cinderella running costume. I plan to copy yours for my very first Disney run, the Wine and Dine on Nov. 10th. Thank you for sharing!!!!

    • Karla Bruning
      Karla #

      Awesome! I’m happy to spread my Disney nerdiness. Wine & Dine 2011 was my first Disney race. Not nearly as many people ran in costume as the others races I’ve done, so you’ll definitely stand out! Have a great race and send a photo in your costume when you’re done!


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