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The Marathon Show ‘Most Interesting People of 2010′

The Marathon Show has included me in The Most Interesting People of 2010! Host Joe Taricani put together a spectacular group of runners from around the country–Illinois, Florida, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, New York and more–who have run marathons for charity, for PR’s and for fun including some who ran just one marathon, like me, to a duo who are running 106 marathons by Dec. 31 to nab the Guinness World Record for most marathons in a year. Thank you to Joe for including me among such amazing runners. Be sure to check it out!


Dec 2010

Your Power Songs: The Top 5 and More

Photo by Chris Chidsey

I asked and you answered—power songs. You know them instantly—those songs that always pump you up on a run, the songs you never skip when they pop up on your iPod, the songs that somehow get you to push just a little harder, even if for only three and a half minutes.

“I don’t pick the songs,” Tony Garcia of Fullerton, Calif., wrote about his power songs. “The songs pick me and my body responds.”

So if you need some extra inspiration for your winter runs, look up these songs as you cash in those iTunes gift cards that will inevitably find their way into your Christmas stockings and Hanukkah loot. These are the power songs that you the readers picked, or rather, picked you. Read the rest of this entry →

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